An Augmented Reality Running concept


When:     Autumn 2020

Team:     Me

Conceptual design of an AR application for running. Inspired by the "virtual races" that replaced many races due to the pandemic. This is a speculative concept design of how this type of race could make use of AR to make a more immersive virtual experience.

Tools and methods
  • Premiere Pro

  • After effects

  • Interviews




The brief was to film & edit a short movie of your own choice. I chose to combine my interest in Interaction design & Running into a concept that let me explore and grow in both After Effects and Premiere.



After the concept idea was established I sketched a storyboard to visualize my ideas for the video prototype. The storyboard functioned as an ideation media at first and then as a plan and manuscript for filming and editing.

filming & editing.

All the filming, “acting”, and editing was done by myself.

After Effects was used to add simulated XR-effects as well as the animated concept logo and the product Pan. While the editing and composing was made using Premiere.


concept features.

tracking & directions,

tracking distance and providing directions for specific routes

virtual pace runner,

helping you keep your preferred pace, similar to what's often available at bigger races.

smartwatch compatible,

allowing you to control the “Heads up display” choosing between pulse, time, pace & distance.

sights & checkpoints,

appearing along your run, providing a more immersive experience.

final video.